ZAM ZAM Catering Service

ZAMZAM WORLD FOOD is the Food mart in AZ, United States. We are pleased to serve Halal food for over 25 yrs to our Muslim community.ZAMZAM WORLD FOOD specialized in excellent diverse ethnic food including Pakistani and Indian food.

ZAMZAM WORLD FOOD provide Zabihah Halal food, grocery products, dairy products, fresh vegetables, Indian and Pakistani spices products and certified zabihah restaurant (Z-Grill) including Tikka, Biryni, Kabobs, Tacos, Fajitas, Pilaf and Nehari. At ZAMZAM WORLD FOOD you can get all type of Halal Meat beef, muttons and sea foods.

Pakistani & Indian Cuisines offered by ZAMZAM WORLD FOOD, is probably the best taste you can find in State, with fresh food, grocery products and best pricing.


ZAMZAM WORLD FOOD represents a traditional Indian and Pakistani environment, and the moment you walk in you will see the modern style of purchasing. To view what is on ZAMZAM WORLD FOOD visit our Virtual Tour.